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Turku residents
and growth

The city is for the people. Turku is one of Finland's growing cities and the people of Turku are doing well when we hold on to this position and cherish it!

My name is Anu Perho and I stand as a candidate in municipal election for the second time. I strive to make decisions for the benefit of our city and its people and my aim is to strengthen Turku's position as a center of our economic area of Southwest Finland. Living in Turku must be affordable, entrepreneurship must be as easy as possible and moving around the city musty be smooth. Turku must be Finland’s center of education and culture.

When these things are taken care of, the people of Turku have the opportunity to live a good life. Turku is the best city in Finland!


Election day: 13.6.2021

Domestic advance voting: 26.5. - 8.6.2021

Advance voting abroad: 2. - 5.6.2021



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Why politics and why the National Coalition Party?

I got involved in politics because I want to directly influence the common matters, structures and choices that affect people’s lives.

I believe that politicians must carefully consider and determine the goals that we aim to achieve through individual decisions. Politicians should always make an overall assessment of the reasons for a specific decision and the kinds of impacts that each decision may have. This also means assessing whether the decision is the best way to work towards the goal. Politicians need to understand how the world is developing and envision the desired direction of development.

I draw support and direction from the notion that all people must be treated equally and that we are all responsible for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our family, friends – and all of society. Everything we do affects the people around us, as well as our environment. I believe in wide personal freedom, the market economy and education. I want to promote a society in which people – quite simply – can enjoy a good life.

I chose the National Coalition Party because it is built around a strong core of freedom and legality, the principle of protecting the weaker and respect for work and learning. I believe my party has a realistic view of the way to reach our good goals. Anyone pursuing politics must acknowledge the realities, but be ambitious!

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elections 2021

Making Turku Finland’s 
second most important city!

Cities are for people, and the most important duty of policymakers elected in municipal elections is to secure the wellbeing of the city residents. It is in the best interests of Turku residents that Turku remains a growth centre. But this should not be our only goal – we should also aim to make Turku Finland’s second most important city.

A growing city attracts both people and companies. If Turku grows, it can offer services, employment and tax revenue. This provides Turku residents with opportunities for a good and diverse daily life. It also enables us to provide high-quality public services where they are needed, such as early childhood care and education, schools and care for the elderly.

What is needed to secure Turku a place as a growth centre? Growing cities typically attract knowledge workers, creative industries, students, the working age population and families. In addition, growing cities offer smooth official services and family services, as well as good transport connections and a variety of reasonably priced housing. 

Policymakers must therefore ensure that Turku:

1. Offers reasonably priced housing, including home ownership.

2. Offers good mobility options. Public transport must work so well that at least those travelling alone can get along without a car.

3. Welcomes companies of all sizes and finds solutions that enable companies to operate in Turku and both entrepreneurs and companies to establish themselves in the city. 

4. Ensures the availability of day care and schools close to families to enable smooth daily life.

5. Provides opportunities for and partly supports professionals in the culture sector to keep Turku a lively and diverse cultural city.

6. Makes students and the young working age population feel they can and want to stay in Turku – and do so. The City of Turku, vocational education and higher education must continue to enhance their cooperation.

7. Focuses its public investments on basic services as well as on services that promote the achievement of the aforementioned goals and bring both new residents and visitors to Turku.

Protecting the environment is a goal in itself. In fact, it shouldn’t even be a goal but rather something that is taken for granted and acknowledged in all decision-making. Turku is well positioned in this respect, not least thanks to its target of becoming carbon neutral by 2029. Turku must continue to pursue its ambitious goals.

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Anu Perho


- Attorney at Law, trained on the bench, 37

- Deputy councillor

- Chair of the Turku Region Public Transport Committee (FÖLI)

- Member of the Board of TVT Asunnot Oy

- Deputy member of the local executive

Take contact:

044 303 3125

I’m Anu Perho. I was born in Turku, where I lived in the Port Arthur district, attended the Puolanmäki school, which specialises in music, and later studied at the University of Turku. After spending a few years studying and working abroad, as well as in Kuopio and Helsinki, I returned to Turku just before the 2017 municipal elections. I work at a local law firm, focusing on company and family property.

After returning to my home town, I decided to get active in politics. I enjoy having a say in matters regarding Turku – ours is a big but suitably sized city.   

During the present term of office, I have been chair of the Turku Region Public Transport Committee (FÖLI), member of the board of TVT Asunnot Oy, a rental apartment provider owned by the City of Turku, as well as deputy councillor and deputy member of the local executive. I hope I can continue to influence matters in the future!

My family consists of my 1-year-old daughter and husband. I also consider my family to encompass a wide circle of relatives who are very close to me, as well as my other friends. In addition to spending time with my family, working and being active in politics, I try to exercise regularly. I sing in a choir and am active in  the Sea Scouts. My hobbies have remained largely the same since primary school, and I really appreciate the sense of community, human relationships, experiences and recreational activities they have offered me over the years. I hope I have been able to give something in return to these communities.

My mind relaxes best at home, doing this and that, as well as in nature, both at sea and on land. The Archipelago Sea, forests and Finnish Lapland are some of the things I hope I never have to give up.